Can I Really Trust The Bible

March 6, 2015

When I originally sat down to start reading this book, I thought that I wouldn’t like it.  I wasn’t sure if it was one of those books that appeared to be pro-Christian, only for the reader to find out that it was very anti-Christian.  I thought that I would have to refute many of the author’s points in my review.  Needless to say, I was on guard.

From the beginning of the book. Barry Cooper jumps right in to the position that many believers, whether new or seasoned, find themselves in…trying not to be a doubting Thomas.  In today’s society we have all met someone that seems more educated than we are.  They seem to have thought harder and longer about the Bible and its ability to be trusted.  These individuals seem to study the history of the Bible, its compilation, its human authors, and specific portions that inspire…doubt.  All of these things put together can leave a believer feeling overwhelmed and at a standstill.  Yet Barry Cooper takes advantage of one thing that many believers forget,  the innate human ability to ask questions. In fact, God wants us to ask Him questions.

As I read through this book, I realized that it was an easy read.  It was not so complicated that it would turn away a new or unbeliever, but still filled with enough “meat” to fill the desires of a seasoned one.  I found that this book fed my intellectual desire to answer the questions that I had been asked over the years.  I had personally asked some of these questions and researched others.  Yet I found myself amazed at Mr. Cooper’s ability to sufficiently answer the question in just 80 pages.  When I say answer, I really mean that he answers the question, offers an example, and a reference…just in case you want to do some research for yourself.

I have heard some of the very statements that he used in the book given as reasons why the Bible could not be trusted.  I have to admit that I found myself smiling as he answered them and did not shy away from the questions that challenge our faith.  As I finished the book, it felt like I had just read a page turning novel.  Better yet, it felt like I knew Barry Cooper and we were discussing these questions together.  I know that sounds a bit outlandish, but he really addresses topics that I have only discussed with my closest family members, friends, spiritual leaders, and God.

This is a book that I am proud to have sitting on my bookshelf.  I would give it or recommend it to another person.  I would let my children read it.  I wish I had it years ago.  It would have prepared me for the many questions that I would hear as a believer. I have studied these questions and have learned a lot over the years, but I am very thankful that I received this complementary book from the publisher through Cross Focused Reviews to review.  I look forward to getting more books from The Good Book Company.  Judging from this book, they have a lot to offer.

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Can I Really Trust The Bible



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