The Saga Series
Saga #1
Book Review , Genre , Graphic Novel / July 15, 2015

As you know, I am a Christian woman. I review books from a literary, Christian, and, sometimes, parenting perspective.   This was my first time attempting to read a graphic novel. I had seen many people talking about how much they enjoyed reading the “Saga” series and without doing my research, I placed a hold on it at my local library. I was with my children, so without scanning the book, I checked it out. The librarian said that she loved reading it, so I was a bit excited, although taken back by the cover. Once I got in the car, my kids and I sat waiting to pick up a pizza and I thought this was the best time for me to scan its contents. Upon reading the first page, I was taken back by the profanity being used and although I would understand why in the second and third pages, it was inappropriate, from my perspective. With this understanding, I decided to quickly scan the rest of the book. As I did, I also decided that there was no need for me to read it in its entirety in order for me to review it from my, Christian…

God Help the Child
God Help the Child

When I first sat down to read this book, I was excited.  Not because I had ever read one of Toni Morrison’s books, but because of all the hype that had been given to her works alone.  Each one of the booktubers, that had mentioned any title written by Toni Morrison, gave such praise to her writings.  I own a few of her works because they were optional reads while I worked on my Bachelor’s degree in English, but I had never opted to actually read them.  Now that she had published a new book, I thought that this was the time. In the reviews that I had heard, praise was given to her writing style, depth of dealing with social issues, and emotional impression left on the reader.  I did not know how any of this would translate into actual content of the her books. Let first say that I am being very candid about the way that I say what I say because the content is “heavy,” for a lack of a better word…I’m sure that I could possibly find a better word, but I really want to write this review… Topics Discussed Child Abuse “God Help the…

Read For Your Life

This was an excellent book. I think I would even say that it was on of the best books that I have ever read in my life. I say that because this book encouraged me in so many ways to read for the rest of my life. Not only has it inspired me to read, but it has also inspired me to grow, on purpose. I think I was already doing this, but Pat Williams showed me a different perspective and helped me to take a realistic survey of my current tactics. Pat Williams takes the time to explain what reading means to him and many other successful people in the world. He looks at historical individuals as well as current one that have spent their years reading and growing. He offers us statistics like, most people don’t read and of those that do, over half of them only read on a sixth grade reading level. Over the past few years, I have set reading goals that I never seemed to achieve. However I realize now that it was because everything else in my life to a front seat and reading was in the back seat. Don’t get me wrong,…

Can I Really Trust The Bible
Book Review / March 6, 2015

When I originally sat down to start reading this book, I thought that I wouldn’t like it.  I wasn’t sure if it was one of those books that appeared to be pro-Christian, only for the reader to find out that it was very anti-Christian.  I thought that I would have to refute many of the author’s points in my review.  Needless to say, I was on guard. From the beginning of the book. Barry Cooper jumps right in to the position that many believers, whether new or seasoned, find themselves in…trying not to be a doubting Thomas.  In today’s society we have all met someone that seems more educated than we are.  They seem to have thought harder and longer about the Bible and its ability to be trusted.  These individuals seem to study the history of the Bible, its compilation, its human authors, and specific portions that inspire…doubt.  All of these things put together can leave a believer feeling overwhelmed and at a standstill.  Yet Barry Cooper takes advantage of one thing that many believers forget,  the innate human ability to ask questions. In fact, God wants us to ask Him questions. As I read through this book, I…