The Saga Series
Saga #1
Book Review , Genre , Graphic Novel / July 15, 2015

As you know, I am a Christian woman. I review books from a literary, Christian, and, sometimes, parenting perspective.   This was my first time attempting to read a graphic novel. I had seen many people talking about how much they enjoyed reading the “Saga” series and without doing my research, I placed a hold on it at my local library. I was with my children, so without scanning the book, I checked it out. The librarian said that she loved reading it, so I was a bit excited, although taken back by the cover. Once I got in the car, my kids and I sat waiting to pick up a pizza and I thought this was the best time for me to scan its contents. Upon reading the first page, I was taken back by the profanity being used and although I would understand why in the second and third pages, it was inappropriate, from my perspective. With this understanding, I decided to quickly scan the rest of the book. As I did, I also decided that there was no need for me to read it in its entirety in order for me to review it from my, Christian…